Thursday, September 8, 2011

2 weeks... or 14 days.

I can NOT believe that Baby Robert is due in exactly 2 weeks from today....
Jordan and I are starting to get very ANXIOUS.
We spent all day Monday (Labor day) cleaning our house.
We organized the linen closet, cleaned the bathrooms, organized under the sinks, we washed everything in the nursery, washed the linens in the guest bedroom,  cleaned out the guest bedroom, cleaned out our closet, organized the chest of drawers, cleaned the kitchen, and finished organizing the basement. After all the cleaning, we both got our bags packed for the hospital.
So now, everything here is ready. We have our car seat installed in the car, house is cleaned and organized, and our bags are packed. Now we are just waiting for his arrival.
I'm pretty sure the suspense is going to kill me!!
I'm very nervous about labor, but I am very EXCITED to meet my son.
I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and we are having another ultrasound. So, hopefully we will get some good news tomorrow!!!
The next time I blog will (hopefully) be about our son's birth!! I've got my fingers crossed!!