Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scatter Brained...

So, I've decided to blog about some things that have been on my mind lately. And I'm not going to promise that any of them will make sense. But maybe it will sort out more in my head once I get them all out.

First off, I can't believe I am now 23 weeks pregnant. To be completely honest, I never imagined I would make it even this far. Although I am still afraid and know that almost anything can happen in the next 16 weeks... I'm surprised I have made it this far. I now have a baby boy in my belly that I can feel on a daily basis kicking around and swimming all over the place. (Which is a wonderful feeling by the way). And I am so excited for him to be here. I can't imagine how it's going to feel when I am finally able to hold him in my arms.
That being said, I went shopping with my mama today and we bought some clothes for the baby and some things to make some crafts for the nursery and such... (More to post about that on a later blog) I have said it before, but I truly mean it. I am so lucky I am having a boy. I find some really cute clothes for the baby, but only after searching long and hard. If I were to be carrying a girl, I would be in some serious trouble. All the cute dresses and such would leave me flat broke.

In the interest of talking about money... I have tried for the past few months, unsuccessfully, to try my hand at couponing. I am still in awe at the people I see and the savings they are able to find. I have had a little luck like getting some razors and band-aids for free and maybe saving some money on a few of my groceries.. But nothing at all serious. I know that soon we are going to have a baby, and we are going to have no choice but to save some money on groceries with coupons. So, I'm still researching the best way to get my system set up. Wish me luck, I seriously need it.

By the way, the puppy is doing great. He seems to be doing very well in the fence my amazing husband set up for him. So hopefully he will continue to grow and remain a healthy, happy dog.

I have also been thinking alot about cooking. With my job, I never get off work before 7pm and I have to work a 10 hour shift. By the time I get home from work, not only is it late for dinner but I am usually pretty exhausted from being on my feet all day long. So, I usually only make dinner on my days off and on the days we are busy, I don't make any homeade dinner then. Now on these days I have to work my wonderful, amazing husband always cooks dinner. And he is very good at cooking frozen meals and heating up food. But, I know it's my place as the wife and keeper of the home to do the cooking.

Being a stay at home wife/mother has been my dream job since I was young. Now that it might be a possibility sometime in the future, I need to do some serious budgeting on our money and figure out a way to make it more possible. If anyone has any budgeting or ways to save money ideas... PLEASE SHARE.

Well, with my thoughts out there, I would like to share some ideas I have found for the baby and the nursery.

Now to just put them into practice :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A new addition to our family :)

So, Jordan and I are now the proud parents of a 6 week old super sweet puppy.

I want to share about how this happened, because to me, it just felt like the right timing.

First of all, you should know that I have been wanting a dog/puppy since we got married and even before... But my husband does not want there to be a dog in the house.. and I have to agree with him to an extent. I don't really want a dog in the house when we have a new baby in a few months... It just makes me nervous.

So, Today I was working.. and I was extremely tired and frustrated from working every single day this week. And I was also dreading the thought of having to work tomorrow. (Sunday) Needless to say, I was feeling very down in the dumps...  I was sitting outside on my break texting my wonderful husband when all of a sudden I see my future puppy. There was a sweet looking lady and her young son pushing a buggy full of these beautiful puppies toward the front of the store. I saw how cute they were from far away, and I went over to the lady and her son to ask how much money she was asking for the puppies. She then informs me that the puppies are "free to a good home."

I told myself as I was walking over that I wouldn't get my hopes up because I had 2 hours left at work, and nowhere to put a puppy...I was the very first person to walk over to the lady with the puppies. I was there half a minute before 3 people walked up to look at the puppies. I picked our puppy up after the first person walked over because he was the only one his color. I was there for a total of 3 minutes and literally 20 people had gathered over to see the buggy with the 6 remaining puppies. One person from every group of people told the lady that they wanted the puppy in my arms because he was the most beautiful. So, I held on tighter...  With puppy cuddled in my arms... I made a phone call, and on the other end of the phone... My WONDERFUL, AMAZING, SWEET husband told me he would come up to my work and pick the puppy up. I cannot tell you how HAPPY this made me. I can't remember feeling this happy in such a long time!! Have I ever mentioned before that I have the most AWESOME husband in the world.. because I most certainly do.

So, I went to the lady and her son and asked if she could please hold the puppy for about 20 minutes because my husband was going to come pick him up. He is a gray and black beauty...
Told you so.

After 20 minutes of waiting (with tons of excitement on my part) my husband arrived and took our puppy home. He was with him in the garage when he decided we should name him "Obediah". Which I immediately loved!! And that was it. He is a part of our family now :)

Now you know the short story of how we have this sweet puppy at home with us. The hubby and I just got back from an evening sunset stroll with our puppy :) And I love him already (the puppy that is) hehe.

So, I haven't felt this happy in a long time about any gift. And I know I have the most wonderful husband who loves me and let me bring home this sweet puppy :)

I am so blessed.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby Steps

Okay, so I know it's only been one day since my last blog...
But I felt the need to share something that is somewhat of a big deal to me.
I am now 22 weeks pregnant... and we have known since week 15 that we were going to be having a baby boy..  Since the time we we found out, and before, I told myself I wouldn't buy anything for the baby that someone could give us as a shower gift....

Well, today I found the perfect stroller and carseat (travel system) that I had just registered for online. And they had put it on clearance, so we got the set for a mere $100. And I am so excited about it. I just felt the need to share. Here is a manufacturer picture of it. I will post one of our very own once we take some pictures.. (and my husband is finishing up putting the stroller together as I type :)

Needless to say, I am super excited about this travel system purchase :)
And even more excited to be bringing baby home from the hospital in it :)
I'm just so excited I can't wait to meet him!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

18 weeks and counting...

So, the past few weeks have been spent planning and thinking about the future...

The hubby and I have been discussing how different life is going to be in less than 4 months.
We both enjoy spending all of our time together, and in a few months we're going to be spending time with a new baby boy in the house.
So, I've been thinking about how I want to decorate the nursery... and found this with my colors of choice!
I haven't had a chance to paint or really decorate anything. But I am excited that my Daddy will be building us a crib. :)
I guess pretty soon I should get serious about organizing and planning.... But until then I will continue to research cute and crafty things for our new baby...

I am anxious about the future.
I am excited to meet our baby boy.
I am nervous about becoming a parent, because I truly believe it is the most difficult job in the world.
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful supportive husband who I know is going to make a wonderful father.

I'm just going to continue to pray for a healthy, happy baby as I await his arrival in a few short months :)