Friday, June 17, 2011


I've been dreaming about coffee....
Just a nice hot cup of fully caffeinated coffee.

But I will wait... 14 more weeks!
Wow! 26 weeks pregnant! Everything seems to be going very well. The biggest problem I have right now is trying to drink enough water.. I must say it's much harder than it should be.
It's been so exciting to feel the baby move around alot more. It's super cool when I am relaxing to see my stomach actually move when he is moving around. His kicks and movements are getting ALOT more powerful.
I finally broke down and got a few maternity outfits... for work at least. It was getting to the point that my regular clothes just weren't cutting it. But, I feel so much better with clothes that have room for me to grow in!
I want to share a few things for the baby room in progress :)

My wonderful daddy built the crib by himself! And It's so amazing! I can't wait for the baby to sleep in it! The changing table was a wood color and my daddy painted it white for the baby! I love it and it looks perfect in the room!! I can't wait to bring baby boy home to enjoy his room!
I told myself I wouldn't buy any clothes for the baby until after my baby shower... But I must say that is much easier said than done.... So I want to share some of my favorite outfits I found :)

I am so excited to see baby Robert in these church outfits on Sunday! I know he's going to be so adorable in them!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. your daddy needs to hook me up with some of his skills when i have a baby! he did a great job!!!


  3. post pictures of your house on here! i wanna see!!